Thermoplastic Hose and Tubing

JWF is a premier distributor of Synflex Hose & Tubing. For decades, Synflex thermoplastic hose and tubing has been replacing rubber hose or metal tubing designs. Synflex hose and tubing offers customers a number of benefits, including flexibility, durability, abrasion resistance, lighter weight materials, superior chemical resistance, variety of colors, high pressure capability and longer life due to decreased material fatigue factors.


  • Synflex Hydraulic Hose
  • Specialty Hose
  • Tubing
  • Couplings and Accessories (hydraulic hose cover, hydraulic hose protection, hydraulic fittings)

These are available through JWF Technologies. JWF can also supply custom hose assemblies for specific applications and general industrial purposes.

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