Tele Radio

System Tiger G2

  • Tiger G2 offers maximum safety for complex applications. It is a robust radio control system adaptable to standard and complex lifting and non-lifting applications in harsh environments. It operates in the 915MHz band with frequency hopping technology, changing frequencies within a spectrum every 40 milliseconds. Click here to read more about System Tiger G2.


System Panther

  • System Panther is Tele Radio's most advanced and versatile system to date. It uses the worldwide accepted 2.4GHz frequency, providing a range of up to 1,600 feet (line of sight). Hardware is available with standard system configuration or custom software to meet your specific requirements. Available with relay, transistor and analog output cards in addition to digital inputs, Panther receivers offer a broad variety of functionality to adapt our radio remote control to your specific application. Transmitters range in size from sub compact with 3-Buttons, to robust units with 10-Buttons (single and two-step with or without E-STOP). Push buttons/relays may be mapped to adapt to your control needs. Click here to read more about System Panther


System Jaguar

  • T70 Jaguar is the system of choice for operators demanding a reliable, quality, rugged and versatile radio control that lasts, perfect for heavy duty industrial, mobile and lifting applications.Jaguar is a favorite in the Material Handling Industry as it adapts to 90% of all standard Overhead Crane Applications, capable of controlling standard 3 motions, 2 speed overhead cranes and monorails with single or dual hoists. It may also be used to control two cranes or monorails individually or in tandem with a single transmitter. Beyond that, Jaguar is used for Agricultural and Forest Machinery, Winches, Hoists, Hangar Doors, Pumping Systems, Recovery Vehicles, Trailers and Screeners just to name a few. Click here to read more about System Jaguar


System LX

  • The system transmits at 2.4 GHz. -approved almost all over the world- on 16 channels. LX is made for communicating with your PC or PLC over serial communication (RS232, RS485, Modbus) and can be adapted by software development.


System T60

  • With the T60 system, Tele Radio is giving you a wide and varied product range of user-friendly and price worthy radio remote controls. The functionality of the T60 transmitters is as varied and versatile as are the needs of our customers. The latest model, T8, only measures 2.0 x 3.2 x 0.7 in. For your safety, we have added an on/off switch. If your application doesn´t need it, it can be disabled. All settings that were earlier made on a switch inside of the transmitter, can now be easily done in a user-friendly PC program. You can choose between 1, 3, 6 or 8 buttons and the transmitter is CE, FCC and IC approved. The T60 product range contains small as well as very robust transmitters with 1-15 buttons. Stop buttons, on/off switches and displays are optional. We also have a large supply of receivers. You can choose 1, 3, 4 or 8 relays. In addition to receivers with a high IP classification, you will also find PCB and plug-in receivers as well as a model made for mounting on a DIN rail.


System T20

  • System T20 is suitable when you want to control an application by radio and need a maximum of 3 functions, where one function at a time is to be used. For example, when you want to open or close a door or turn on or off a lamp. With the T20 you have several different options. You can control up to 1,000 objects with the same transmitter, for example 1,000 gates. If more than one person should be able to control the application you can program up to 60 transmitters for one receiver. T20 transmits at 433.92 or 869.85 MHz. It is a cost effective and easy to use system that is easy to install.


Accessories for Tele Radio Products

  • Tele Radio carries everything from RFID tags, chargers, holders, antennas and more. These products will help you use your Tele Radio products in an even more efficient way. Holders can help you keep your transmitters in place when riding the forklift, RFID wall tags can help you enhance the security of your system and having an extra charger will make sure you are always ready to work. We are constantly expanding our range of accessories to cater to your needs.


Weight Sensors

  • With Tele Radio's electrical weight sensors, overload safety function and the Tiger system's weight amplifier you can control your cargo load. The weight sensors and the Tiger system also give you the option to sum up the weight from several lifting actions. With Tiger's weight amplifier, you will see your cargo load in the transmitter's display. This works together with the Tiger system, and both the weight amplifier and the receiver can be adapted to your weight system. The system's receiver can receive up to 16 readings; each reading can indicate overload or too little load and activate the safety feature. Even the electrical weight sensors show your cargo load, either in a dynamometer or in a portable display. The mechanical overload safety function indicates when the cargo load is over the maximum level or the maximum you are authorised to lift. Both the electrical weight sensors and the mechanical overload safety function work with T70 Jaguar, 860-Lion and the Tiger system.