New World Industries

New World Industries has been designing and developing controls since 2001. Having a development team that has quality and innovation as a top priority ensures the highest value in all of NWI’s products.

New World Industries offers a complete line of Proportional Valve Drivers. From the CA-100 (single coil) to the CA-102 (four coil). All of our controllers are based on a microprocessor embedded operating system and software that is user friendly adjustable. NWI also offers complete control packages, including RF incorporating specified input devices. – Remote actuation of Hydraulic Circuits, Proportional Valve Drivers.


  • Remotely operated lift gates, snow plows, spreaders, seeders, heavy duty doors etc.
  • Ranges from 75 to 1000 ft.
  • Program up to 16 controllers to one device
  • Pick from 2, 5, and 8 function controllers.

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