Power Units

Power Units

Hydraulic power units designed by JWFTechnologies maintain the highest level of performance and efficiency while producing the minimum level of noise, regardless of the application.




  • Hydraulic Presses (stamping, molding, brakes)
  • Construction equipment (concrete mixers, excavators)
  • Industrial hydraulics (waste compactors, door openers)
  • Municipal equipment (wood chippers, fire-fighting vehicles)
  • Agriculture machines (forestry machines, tractors)
  • Materials handling (mobile cranes, fork lift trucks)
  • Machine Tools
  • Sawmill Equipment



JWF Technologies builds hydraulic power units to customer specifications in order to design the most efficient, high-performing system available. We provide innovative build solutions that optimize the amount of floor space used in order to give our customers the most efficient package. With complete in-house capabilities, we can ensure total quality control throughout design, fabrication, test and paint. Assembly inspections are performed throughout the build process to ensure that your power unit is completed correctly and arrives ready for start up.


With over 37 years of experience in the industry, JWF Technologies has become a complete systems design and integrator resource. With our Automation Studio design software, we can customize power units to meet all of your functionality needs and ensure ergonomically safe results for any specification. Please click here to learn more about JWF Technologies Design and Engineering.


JWF Technologies has a we can do attitude. We are delighted to provide innovative solutions to your most challenging projects. It is our policy to ask the appropriate questions up front so that we may offer our customers the finest solutions to their specific situations. We pride ourselves on the ability to give our customers exactly what they need to compete in their marketplace.



Hydraulic power unit design and fabrication

  • Complete unit designed using customer input and specifications
  • Full simulation capabilities (i.e. schematics) system simulation after the design is complete


Vertical or horizontal orientation

  • Vertical orientation is typically designed for areas where a small footprint is available
  • Most connection points on a vertical power unit will be below the reservoir top, providing a cleaner appearance
  • Horizontal power units are typically designed for ease of maintenance


Overhead / L-Shape / Custom Reservoir

  • Typically placed in applications that are using a larger power unit and need constant head pressure on the pump
  • Typically used in cold environments


Compact designs

  • Utilize innovative manifold technology to incorporate as many valve functions as possible
  • Eliminates numerous leak points
  • Minimize the amount of components used to enhance performance and decrease pressure drops


Hydraulic filter cart design and fabrication

  • Lightweight and portable for maintenance personnel
  • Fluid Filtration and Monitoring options
  • System Independent so they can be used for multiple machines / systems


Gas Engine Hydraulic Power Units

  • Concrete Sawing
  • Blasting
  • Mobile test stands


Standard Offerings:

  • Isolation Bars for Electric Motors
  • Service Manuals
  • System Relief
  • UV Leak Test
  • ISO Filtration Requirements
  • Traceable Documentation
  • Noise Level Test


JWF Technologies is a proud supplier of:



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