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ARGO-HYTOS offers new solutions for transport, extraction, cleaning and dispensing of hydraulic oils and lubricants. The product range comprises oil dispensing machines, mobile and stationary filter units, oil service units for machine maintenance and oil drain valves. Special units for the textile and spinning machines as well as special filter units are developed in cooperation with our customers to meet their specific requirements.

Benefits of ARGO-HYTOS Systems

  • Oil Maintenance prevents machine shutdowns
  • Quality in Detail
  • Ideal Handling
  • Compact Mobile or Fixed-Position Systems

Systems Distributed By JWF

  • Off-Line Filters
  • Off-Line Filter Units
  • Portable Oil Services Appliances
  • Mobile Oil Service Appliances
  • Filling Stations
  • Dewatering Appliance
  • PODS - The Portable Particle Counter

Benefits of ARGO ECOTEC Oil Maintenance Systems


Consistent oil maintenance will allow you to:

  • avoid initial damage to hydraulic components
  • save money due to longer intervals between services
  • improve machine availability

Oil Maintenance prevents machine shutdowns
ARGO ECOTEC's ultra-fine filter systems meet the highest requirements for operating media purity classes. Initial damage during first start-up is prevented when the systems are filled because the medium has already been cleaned. Either as a support to system filters or as stand-alone system filters, these products will even clean out the ultra-fine particles responsible for causing sedimentation.

Quality in Detail
Exopor ultra-fine filter elements are at the heart of every ARGO ECOTEC Oil maintenance appliance. High separation efficiency and dirt absorption capacities guarantee maximum purity levels and servicing intervals in line with practical needs.

As well as the ultra-fine filter elements, special filter elements can also be inserted into the standard housing for fast dewatering.

Ideal Handling
Optimal operator handling is a key feature in the development of all ARGO ECOTEC systems. No extra tools are needed to open the housings - the filter elements can be pulled out with the cover thanks to the suspension technique. The flow through the filter element is from the inside to the outside and when the element is changed, it retains the sedimented dirt thanks to the SPV (Sedimentation Protection Value). This means that the filter housing needs no servicing!

Compact Mobile or Fixed-Position Systems
Thanks to their modular, compact structure, ARGO ECOTEC off-line filter systems can also be installed in machines where space is in short supply.

The compact design of portable ARGO ECOTEC oil maintenance systems makes them easy to transport with optimized ergonomics.

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