Whether your products move, turn, shape, mold, lift, dig, or haul, you can depend on Eaton’s hydraulics products to deliver the performance you need to stay competitive. Eaton’s unwavering dedication to leadership in mobile and industrial applications has made Eaton one of the world’s preferred suppliers of hydraulic solutions, which is why JWF Technologies is a proud distributor.

Eaton pumps, motors, transmissions, valves, cylinders, controls, hoses, and fittings offer a unique combination of proven technology and innovative design that translates directly into reliable performance and enhanced uptime. Whether you need a single component, a custom-engineered solution, or anything in between, Eaton is the partner of choice for mobile and industrial applications that simply have to work.

Eaton’s extensive lineup of hydraulic pumps and motors are reliable, durable, and offer un-matched performance to fit a wide variety of applications. Eaton pump varieties include external gear, piston open circuit-industrial, piston open circuit-mobile, piston closed circuit industrial, piston closed circuit-mobile, and vane. Eaton’s motors include the Eaton Gerotor/Geroler®, gear, piston and vane motors that can meet low-speed, high-torque (LSHT) to high-speed, high-power requirements.


Eaton offers a wide range of standard and custom cylinder models of superior quality that can withstand the harshest environments and jobs. Through our partnership with Eaton, we can offer you threaded, welded, mill dust, custom pneumatic, hydraulic and electrohydraulic cylinders.


Boasting a high-quality catalog of industrial, mobile, and screw-in cartridge hydraulic valves, Eaton delivers a high-performance product that is also efficient, durable, and easy to install. Mobiles and screw-in cartridge valves can be designed to meet customer specifications.

Power Units

With technology perfected for over 50 years, Eaton offers dependable standard and custom package power units that ensure maximum productivity with available options for controls, manifolds, capacities, pumps, and configurations.

Hose and Fittings

Eaton hoses and fittings provide exceptional fluid conveyance solutions for equipment and applications with wide operating pressuring ranges, optimal levels of abrasion resistance, long-lasting durability and high performance. As an Eaton distributor, JWF Technologies offers solutions for industrial, rubber hydraulic hoses and fittings, PTFE made from Eaton Everflex® with Teflon® Resin, SubSea, Truck Air Brake tubing, transportation hose products, beverage dispensing with the Eaton Synflex® and Eaton Arrow Flo-Guard® hose and tubing products, thermoplastic hoes, and specialty construction, tube assemblies, and hose accessory products.


With a selection of 4,000 filter element and housing options, Eaton offers premium and reliable filtration products such as low, medium, and high pressure filters, filtration systems, contamination monitoring, breather filters, and hydraulic filter elements and accessories.

Electronic Control Systems

Eaton’s user-friendly Pro-FX software simplifies and optimizes application and hardware installation so that your machines will work more intelligently and be more responsive, improving output, efficiency, and safety. The software also allows for programmable displays, electronic switch modules, programmable controllers, and wireless machine control for your convenience.

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