ASA Hydraulik Heat Exchangers


ASA develops and manufactures high performance heat exchangers. Their worldwide market presence and advanced technologies ensure you competitive pricing and consistent product performance.

With more than 30 years experience in heat transfer equipment, ASA Hydraulik has become a global leader in advanced technologies. This ensures competitive pricing, consistent product performance and reliability.

The modular construction of ASA Hydraulik coolers is based on total cooling system integration and offers solutions for nearly every application. With ASA Hydraulik's patented universal connector system, you can be sure that the cooler will connect to your system and the stream optimized design reduces pressure drop in the system. Their high quality standard is confirmed by successful certification of quality management DIN EN 9001 and client audits.

Allow JWF Technologies to help you with all of your heat exchanger needs. If you have an application where a cooler is necessary or you are not sure and need our assistance with calculating the heat removal from your system, we would be glad to assist you and provide you the correct heat exchanger for your application.

Heat Exchanger Models / Sizes

  • DC Heat Exchangers – 12V and 24V
  • AC Heat Exchangers – Single phase and 3 phase versions are available
  • Hydraulically Driven Heat Exchangers
  • Offline Heat Exchangers

Other Products / Accessories

  • Temperature Control – The ASA Hydraulik temperature control consists of a temperature sensor and a control unit that controls the fan speed according to the actual oil temperature. This lowers the noise level of the cooler and increases the durability of the fan motor as it will not run at maximum speed all the time.
  • Butterfly Flange - Suction Unit – The ASA Hydraulik butterfly flange with SAE and DIN connections allows the combination with an elastic element to make a short compensating and economical connection with the pump port. The ASA Hydraulik suction unit is screwed to the ASA Hydraulik adapter flange, which is welded to the tank.
  • Limit Switch - For Butterfly Flanges – That ASA Hydraulik limit switch can be mounted the the ASA Hydraulik butterfly flange for monitoring. The lever position in the switch corresponds to the valve position.

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