Overview / Filtration / Fluid Management
Sensors & Management / Fluid & Motion Control


ARGO-HYTOS is the partnership between ARGO, recognized for their experience in hydraulic filtration, and HYTOS, specialists in control technology. The product range of ARGO-HYTOS now covers:




Hydraulic Filters, Suction Pressure, Return & Reservoir Accessories – suction filters, return and return-suction filters, pressure and high-pressure filters, filling and ventilating filters, filter accessories

Fluid Management

Oil Maintenance Equipment – off-line filters, off-line filter units, oil service units, dewatering units

Sensors and Measurements

Oil Monitoring and Diagnostic Equipment – portable oil diagnostic system, stationary particle monitor, software to evaluate data and analyze trends

Fluid and Motion Control

Hydraulic Valves, Pumps, Cartridge Valves & Power Units Proportional Valves



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